Nail design #2


 Hey guys!! I just uploaded my makeup routine on my YouTube channel!! 👍 Hope you enjoy!❤



I love you all so much!


Colab on YouTube!


YouTube_____Addie Hey guys!

Today I just uploaded my 1st colab with BeautyPi girl on YouTube, and I was wondering what other types of videos you all would like. If you have any reccomindations comment in the box below or on my Youtube channel! I love ya'll so much!!👍🙃🙂❤


🙂Today I started my very own youtube channel!! I hope you can check it out!!🙂

In my last post i said i wasnt feeling that great, but now I feel much better and I hope that you all do to!!

have a awesome day/night and i hope that you all stay tuned and dont forget to check out my youtube account!!!! 

YOUTUBE_______ Addie


Hey guys so today i just wanted to let you know that if you have visited this page make sure to leave ideas in the comment box at the end of the page for awesome ideas and make sure to keep in touch!! i am sick so im sorry if you get the posts late!!  love yall!!



I have been using fake nails for a while now and like to get bright and colorful ones and NOT plain and awful ones!! these work so much better!! i got them for Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!(:

Saturday's question

Who has finished college and thought it was easy?? if so comment "pop" down below..

Who has finished college and thought it was hard?? if so comment "green" down below..

Mondays Quote


     Give dont take, leave all...


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